Spin Doctor

Living in this world can be complex and downright dangerous at times.  There are lots of funny things going on around us that cause us the blahs.  
One of these is a disease that seems to affect all media communication called “Spin”.

Spin is widespread and is communicable like any disease, that is, people exposed to Spin often both get the disease and transmit it unknowingly to others. It is possible to develop a level of immunity to Spin, although new strains seem to show up with regularity, especially in election season – which itself appears to have grown like a massive tumor to 365 days a year (except in leap years).

“Spin Doctor” tries to track some of the more dangerous varieties of Spin, give you tools to recognize the symptoms, and help immunize you against infections by this dangerous virus.

Strangely enough, even the term “Spin Doctor” is a form of Spin – Bafflegab.   Doctors are supposed to cure us – right?  So why call someone who makes us sick a doctor?  I guess it is because they  “doctor” bad ideas to make them look better – sort of like cosmetic surgery.   I would prefer to call them Spin Masters,  because their intent is to control the way you think.

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