On Vaccinations

If one asks the wrong question, he or she should not expect to get the right answer.  If one looks for absolutes where no absolutes exist, which is pretty much true of all complex systems and particularly all life forms, one will not get ANY answer at all.  If one follows the money, the answers are seldom in the best interests of humanity as a whole.


To vax or not to vax? That is the question —

Whether ’tis wiser to suffer the pokers,
Or take arms against the phama jokers,
Who lace their stuff with neuro toxin
To maximize their profits lock in.

Surely executive compensation should
come with a level of compassion.
Should ask the questions, test assumptions,
Not just pretend we all are bumkins.

When greed and money taint results …
Ay, there’s the rub, should give us pause.
Slings and arrows launched at critics,
Make no attempt to address cause.

Doctor’s, trained to fix and cure us
don’t have time to master more, as
new research show interactions
not forseen by pharma technicians.

The heartache, and the thousand shocks
that follow on a sad prognosis
Are not assuaged by pious preaching,
Or graphs and charts as forms of teaching

To vax or not? That’s NOT the question!
The problem then, is no solution —
Not wholly right nor wholly wrong,
But desperately needing resolution.

Reducing to a “yes” or “no”,
is simply not the way to go.
When dealing with a complex system,
Knowledge silos fail — as wisdom.

We must expand the conversations,
Bring in many points of view,
Expand research, extend review,
and focus strictly on solutions.

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