Update: Stategic Voting to Turf Harperman

It SEEMS to have WORKED!  Canadians have Canada Back!

And Justin’s message to the rest of the World: “We’re back!”

But now the real work begins, and we can’t all go back to sleep until the next election.  We need to continue to hold the feet of all politicians and all parties to the fire to make the changes that are necessary to get to what Justin’s father once called: “The Just Society”.  We have a long way to go, and the 1% are formidable enemies.  And they truly are “enemies” because they share none of the humanitarian urges common to most human beings – instead demonstrating only unsurpassed greed.  And we are the ones that hold them up, that work for them, buy their goods, let them get away with everything – up to and including murder.  It is time for a sea change.

And here are two videos re-posted from my earlier blog today called:

“The Ministry of Un-Finance and Tax Games”


Here are two short videos, the excellent original based on U.S. data and then a later adaptation showing the situation in Canada. Unless you are one of the 87 most wealthy families in Canada, you owe it to yourself, your family, and your country to view and think about these short videos before you vote.

Wealth Inequality in America (length 6.23 minutes)

Wealth Inequality in Canada (length 4:14 minutes)

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